Q & A with Ben Westby of ONE | Sotheby's International Realty

Can you give us a little bit of background regarding your career prior to entering real estate?   I entered the real estate world after spending over 11 years working as the Director of Rehabilitation / Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Miami Dolphins.  I worked hand-in-hand with world-class professional athletes and physicians from around the world.  I was responsible for coordinating and implementing all of the rehabilitation programs for injured Miami Dolphin athletes as well as providing rehab consultation to celebrities and athletes from many other professional sports.

What caused you to pursue your career in real estate? I am originally from the Midwest, from a successful family real estate business.  My father is a real estate agent and auctioneer and my mother is a real estate broker.  They started their own company back in 1985 so I grew up being around real estate and developed an interest at a young age.   

Who are some of the notable homebuyers and sellers you’ve worked with recently?          Jason Taylor, Tim Bowens, Patrick Surtain

Are there unusual parameters involved when working with clients having such a high level of popularity? Confidentiality is first and foremost, I always honor that with all of my clients.  They also have very hectic schedules so I try to minimize their time commitment by making sure all of the little details are taken care of whether it be buying or selling a home.  For example, when I list a property I coordinate any repairs and updates the home may need prior to putting it on the market.

To what do you attribute your ability to preserve your client relationships and maintain repeat business? Good communication and attention to detail are two important skills that lead to trust. I believe that my clients keep coming back to me because they trust me and what I can do for them. I am very committed to each client and making their transaction as seamless as possible. I believe that puts me at an advantage.  


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